A Taste of Tobago

Though a small island, the rainforest of Tobago is packed with medicinal plants, gorgeous birds, and stunning waterfalls. Check out more pictures from our trip! ...My favorite plant in Tobago was called Christmas bush. Fitting for the fact that the holidays had just passed. The fresh leaves of this plant are boiled and made into a tea, mixed with a bit of salt and a few tablespoons taken before bed, used for the common cold (I wish I had some now!). A trick that I use for the common cold is lots of echinacea, tea tree oil nasal steams, veggie broth, nourish me tea, and lots of sleep. Christmas bush grows commonly near the roadside or fields rather than in the forest. In fact every plant that our guide showed us that was bush medicine used by the locals, himself included, were easily spotted from the road.
...The forests of Tobago are surrounded by the beautiful ocean. It's ebb and flow of the always brings me to a place of comfort, listening to its predictable, gorgeous, soothing flow and rhythms. Such a beautiful place on Earth. I'd go back in a heart beat, as long as I booked a flight from Trinidad to Tobago instead of taking the long and sea-sickening ferry ride!

Christmas Bush