Holiday Peppermint

Peppermint Pic from Wiki.jpg

Candy canes, hot chocolate, fires, snow, cookies, medicine making....the holidays have arrived and the turn of winter is upon us. As we start to turn inwards into the dark of winter, we can wind down, cozy in, and remember to take a moment for ourselves, to restore and refresh. As I peer into the night's darkness, the sparkling glow of holiday lights across the street glimmer through my office window. The comforting, dark, rich, scent of peppermint hot chocolate swirls through the air as I inhale deeply. Peppermint. An incredible aromatic plant in the mint family, versatile in medicinal uses, and a dedicated friend of the garden.  Peppermint tea, essential oil, tinctures, extracts, and fresh peppermint are excellent for the nervous system, and specifically useful for:

  • Upset stomachs - Check out our Happy Tummy Tea with peppermint!
  • GI tract & IBS
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension
  • Candy cane sugar scrub - check out my FB post sharing a great recipe for this!
  • Muddling into cocktails (of course!)

Some science behind all of this? Here is a nifty resource for those interested in some more science! Peppermint is among one of my favorites! Due to its stimulating effect on the nervous system, spearmint is a nice alternative that is a bit more mellow if you are someone who experiences anxiety and are using peppermint in the tea form.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and next time you have a candy cane, remember peppermint!