Personally I’m pretty inexperienced when it comes to botanicals. With that being said, I feel so much more familiar with these herbs and I felt like the class was very informational, and great for beginners.
— Brittany M.
Great class. I love your enthusiastic style of teaching. I learned everything that I expected. Thank you - keep teaching!
— Kimberly M.
I love these classes. Bridget has an extensive knowledge of herbal medicine and is able to convey it in a fun way and with wine.
— Cassandra W., Engineer
Great class, very informative, and good presentation. Very thorough explanation. Everything was perfect, keep up the good work!
— Kelly P.
Sleep workshop.jpg
Bridget is a passionate teacher and her workshops are always informative & FUN. I am happy to have met her & definitely look forward to learning more in her other workshops. Attend her workshop and you will definitely come away with some new knowledge.
— Sharon N., IT Analyst
Good class! I’ve always wondered about tinctures and now I am inspired to learn more! It’s always good to know other ways to manage stress along with exercise. Looking forward to taking another class!
— Hannah L., Teacher
This was just marvelous. Thank you for offering these classes, lady. What a great way to encourage botanical curiosity. Well done! :)
— Lizzy L., Global Traveler
This is the coolest day ever. I have a delicious medicinal wine recipe and I feel like an alchemist.
— Nick P., Newspaper Editor
Bridget is a supremely knowledgeable and a positive guide through the depths of the herb world.
— Andy M., Environmental Speciallist
I truly appreciate the amount of time Bridget took to share so much information. The specifics of everything was not overwhelming at all. After taking this “Adventure Herbalism First Aid” class, I am extremely excited for my next camping trip and class!
— Jesus C., Community Manager
Elderberry Cocktail Class.jpg
Wonderful class! Very informational and I enjoyed learning the benefits of different herbs. You made it seem very attainable & fun! I would love to learn more.
— Courtney N.