Bridget Molloy, MAT, Founder & Certified Herbalist

Bridget grew up in Littleton, Colorado with fresh food and herbs from her family gardens, and camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. With a love for herbal teas at a young age, and family roots of her Grandfather planting ginseng in the hills of Iowa and making dandelion wine, Bridget's natural calling was to the plants. Currently Bridget combines traditional botanical healing practices with modern scientific research to provide high quality private health consultations, herbal products, workshops in botanical medicine, and global health adventures. She is an educator at MoonDance Botanicals, and runs herb school and sees clients at People House in Denver. Bridget works with a range of clients to optimize their health in a variety of ways, focusing on the integration of herbs from around the world. Her specialties include stress, anxiety, and sexual wellbeing. Bridget's Botanicals is based out of Denver, Colorado. She is currently a Professor of Biology at Arapahoe Community College, Guest Lecturer at the Nutrition Therapy Institute, and prior to both, she directed the high school science department at La Academia at the Denver Inner City Parish.

Though she began dabbling in the herbal world at a young age, Bridget has been "officially" studying the incredible benefits of how herbs impact human physiology for optimal health and practicing herbalism over the past 12 years, and has also been a sexual health & wellbeing consultant for 10 years. As a life-long science educator, one of Bridget's many passions is to raise awareness of how amazing herbs are for our health, and about the role of symbiosis in the ecosystems within the human body and on our planet. Educating  and empowering others to be knowledgeable about the interconnectedness of health and the environment, is a pillar of Bridget's Botanicals.

Bridget's scientific education in human health, molecular biology, chemistry, and ecological studies is extensive. Please see her complete training below. Her specific background has taken her traveling around the world & US to study different healing traditions and ecosystems which she integrates into her herbal practice. Additionally she is trained in evaluating scientific research studies and has worked at Harvard and MIT supporting world renowned scientific research laboratories. With Bridget's Botanicals, you will have an unforgettable & impactful experience, putting a new twist of health into your life through the integration of botanical medicine into your lifestyle.