During the course, you will have a variety of readings, journal prompts, and a project to work on for the end of the course. All of these are optional, however are required for the certification. All materials will be included in the course with the exception of recommended texts. Outlined below are our areas of focus and their content. Each area will be explored in the context of herbal applications, physiology, and from a spiritual self-reflective space. While helpful, an herbal background is not required for this course. Please reach out if you have any questions. In the mean time, get ready to embrace, transform, support, and/or enhance your health and sexual wellbeing during this course and women's circle!

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Part 1: Women's Health and Physiological Concerns

Anatomy & Physiology

Pelvic floor health & dysfunctions

Speaker Cynthia Molloy, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Herbs for common infections 

Sexual trauma 

Part 2: Hormones and Life Changes

Hormonal changes over time

Menstruation & PMS




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Part 3: Sexual Wellbeing and Vitality

Pleasure Physiology

Herbal aphrodisiacs


Rituals for creating pleasure in your life

Part 4: Your Sacred Feminine

Tuning in with our bodies

Environmental connection


The empowered woman