Botanicals for Women's Health & Sexual Wellbeing


Dive into your sexual health and wellbeing for 3 months with over 30 of direct classroom hours during this wholesome, delicious, and empowering course. Learn about different areas of sexual health and wellbeing, crafting and using specific herbal remedies, and working with your body to become your best self. Build and take home your own personal apothecary/medicine cabinet specific for women's sexual health & wellbeing. Start your journey this February! See details below.

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Part 1: Botanicals for Women's Health and Physiological Concerns

Part 2: Botanicals for Hormones and Life Changes

Part 3: Botanicals for Sexual Wellbeing and Vitality

Part 4: Botanicals for Your Sacred Feminine

There will be an opportunity to receive a certificate in "Herbs for Women's Health & Sexual Wellbeing" based on completion of course requirements & attendance. 

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Select Saturdays beginning February 3rd through April 28th 2-5pm plus 2 morning field trips. Course payments due at the start of each month, or pay in full for a 10% discount the first day of class. Pay $100 registration deposit HERE

Rose Bud Level $625: Includes course handouts, all materials (excludes books), and field trips

Rose Petal Level $800: Includes rose bud level plus an in person 1.5 hour women's health & sound healing session with Bridget

Rose Blossom Level $1,000: Includes rose bud level + 1 friend

Rose Bouquet Level $1,500: Includes rose petal level for you + 1 friend (save $100)

Class Location:

People House at 3035 W. 25th Ave. Denver, CO 80247

Class Dates: Saturdays 2:00 - 5:00PM

  • February 3rd

  • February 17th

  • March 3rd

  • March 17th

  • March 31st (10am-5pm)

  • April 7th

  • April 14th

  • April 28th (10am-5pm)


Course Teacher

Bridget Molloy, MAT, is an expert in weaving the science and traditions of natural remedies with sexual health and wellbeing. For the last 10 years she has been a Pure Romance consultant interacting with hundreds of women and hearing their stories. As a certified herbalist with a molecular biology, global ecology, and teaching background from CU Boulder, Harvard, Georgetown, and Boston University, she blends science with modern herbal traditions and women's health.