Women's Health & Sexual Wellbeing Course: Begins August 2018

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Women's Health & Sexual Wellbeing Course: Begins August 2018

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Over 3 months we will delve into 30 hours of classroom and interactive time exploring four areas of women's health and sexual wellbeing through herbalism! Over the course you will explore 4 different areas of sexual health and wellbeing in addition to how to use specific herbal remedies, and how they work in the body. Each segment will include making herbal remedy preparations that you will be able to take home and build your own personal apothecary/medicine cabinet specific for women's sexual health & wellbeing. We will also have two field trips. At the end of the course you may receive a certificate of completion in "Herbs for Women's Health & Sexual Wellbeing" based on completion of requirements and attendance.

We will explore the following areas:
Part 1: Botanicals for Women's Health and Physiological Concerns
Part 2: Botanicals for Hormones and Life Changes
Part 3: Botanicals for Sexual Wellbeing and Vitality
Part 4: Botanicals for Your Sacred Feminine Self

Receive a certificate in "Herbs for Women's Health & Sexual Wellbeing" based on completion of course requirements & attendance from Bridget's Botanicals.

Start your journey! If you haven’t done so already, also please complete the course application :) Tuition for the course includes all materials and field trips. I have 2 apprenticeships available for a work-study trade. Please PM me for more details if you are interested!

$547 Apply before August 1st
$597 Apply before August 11th 
$625 Apply after August 11th

Course Dates: Saturdays 12:00-5:00pm + Morning Field-trips + more!
August 25th
September 15th
October 20th

We can't wait for you to join this incredible course, where you will learn, blossom, and grow your herbal knowledge. This course is for any level, whether you're just beginning your herbal journey or well into it, and is also suitable for medical practitioners looking to understand the physiological actions behind herbs for women's health and sexual wellbeing. Let's get this started!

Your Teacher:
Bridget Molloy, Founder of Bridget's Botanicals, is a Certified Herbalist, Women's Sexual Wellbeing Expert, and Scientist. Bridget enjoys weaving the science and traditions of natural remedies with sexual health and wellbeing. For the last 11 years she has been a Pure Romance consultant interacting with hundreds of women and hearing their stories. This course has been in part an inspiration from these stories over the years blended with medicine making and the desire to bring out the wild fun prowess in each woman and feel filled with vitaility! As a certified herbalist with a molecular biology, global ecology, and teaching background from CU Boulder, Harvard, Georgetown, and Boston University, she blends science with modern herbal traditions and women's health in this incredible and unique course..

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